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IN August 2017 I was exam by doctor Audrey Swartz .. I sat in the exam room and he was already sitting..

the doctor sat at his desk laughing to himself for about 2 to 3 min. I remember feeling confused and perplex at the reason he was laughing. The doctor said to me. “New York is very unhappy with this case.

(the insurance company paying me is from New York State) The doctor started a conversation about sports. He continue to speak about different sports figures like joe Namath and others. He was very descriptive about how he thought the players were very good looking and muscular.. The doctor went into detail about the college ball players physique, pecks, Upper body etc.

The doctor descriptions became very sexual in its tone.. I sat listen and try to force an uncomfortable smile not engaging in the conversation. Then the doctor asking me to remove my basketball shorts, and started the exam. It was the middle of the summer and the shorts I was wearing were already very short so i was confused on why I needed to be exam in my boxer short..

I acquiesce the doctor request for fear he may tell the insurance company I was uncooperative and my payments be taken away.. I was wearing a heating pad on my back. The doctor ask why I was wearing the pad I responded that it gave me some relief from the pain in my back. When I ask him If he want me to remove the heating paid during the exam he said no.

The doctor would also stop in the middle of the exam and just stair at me for an extended amount of time. After the exam was over I contact the New York State insurance fund and also my workmen Comp lawyer to detail my experience. The worker for the insurance fund stated she would detail my account and forwarded it to the supervisor I was never contacted about the complaint. Months later I contacted the insurance to ask if my complaint was documented they said there was no record of the complaint.

the following week after i complained about this experience my payment was late.. Also after the exam the doctor sent stated that there was probably nothing at all wrong with my back.. Also that my injury was made up. I ask him then why is there so much pain coming from my back.

The doctor said that it was probably all in my mind. This doctor I believe is very Senile and also some type of predator. After the exam I felt objectified and unheard. The doctor never recommends any treatment or anything that could help me..

I also told the doctor I was getting very depressed due to the pain and the overall situation the doctor gave no advice. Did anyone have a similar experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dr Aubrey Swartz Doctor.

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I was there today keep me 4 hours to be seen was in pain crying he told me he cant understand me i speak romanian

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