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There was a time when you could trust your doctor but like any thing else it's thing of the past, here i will tell you why. Gallgher Bassett the Work Comp Dept.

has this Dr. in their pockets, his Name Aubrey A. Swartz Orthopaedic Surgery. his main office is in Oakland CA.

with Officess in the folling States Nevada,Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Oregon. you asked your self why this Dr.

have officess in so many placess the reason he works for Work Comp he writes discrepencies in your medical records per the adjuster's advice. deceptive practices

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did you ever start the lawsuit aganist the doctor


I am a victim of Dr Swartz. I have been suffering from the false report writen by him.

He stated from day one that I was fine. Its now 7 years later and I need a walker to get around. I have a syrnx in my spinal cord.

A fluid filled sac that block the spinal fluid and eventually causes paralysis. I cant even get ssi as a result of that evil ***.


were can i contact you.


I would like to start a Class Action Law suite against Dr. Aubrey Swartz in the next month. if you wish to join this suite contact me I receive notice from this site.

to BetteyCraft Farmington, Utah, United States #641561

I also was screwed over by so-called dr Swartz, I would love to burn him. He's a snake, a rich snake but still a snake.

to BetteyCraft #1064463

I haven't seen yet, but it will be interesting; now, after reading so many wars stories on this ***. I will be seeing this person tomorrow, I plan on using a spy camera while discussing my issues.

i have already seen 5 orthopedic surgeon and its all the same I need two knee replacements...

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